neoAqua Barrel

Neo Aqua Barrel is a shower and tap filter that has 15 stages of filtration. Revitalizing your families' health.

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Real Review

Solved my worries

I had problems in the kitchen having brown water come out in the sink now and then. I would have to keep it turned on for a long time to get clear water. I never got the problem again after I installed the filter. I feel safe using tap water to wash my dishes now. I will buy the filters after 6 months if this continues to show good performance. For now I am very satisfied.


For those who have sensitive skin

I think the pipes in the area I live have very much rusted a lot. I installed the filter which was very easy to do. It feels like the water has become more clean and diffused, I guess its because of the filter. I had rashes coming up for no reason after I moved to this house and I think this solved the problem.


Good product.

I recieved the package and was pleasantly surprised that the filter was not that big. To have 15 steps of filtration I guess I had thought the filter would be huge. I like that the installation was not difficult nor tools needed. I feel safer showering now. I think I will order one more since the size isn't too big for my kitchen tap.